Meighan West


Meighan West is a curious multi-faceted artist, always expanding her practice. She spent the past 15 years living and working in Toronto, ON until recently creating a home in Hamilton, ON. Originally self-taught in acrylic and watercolour painting, she moved onto graduating in fashion design and is currently finishing her degree in digital painting and expanded animation, with an interest in the film industry. 


Meighan West graduated from 2 different colleges for art fundamentals and fashion design. Now working towards her BFA at OCAD University in digital painting and animation her sights are set on the film industry. Though her path has been varied her passion always shines through in her work. A forever learner she thrives on a challenge. Throughout her many different mediums, she's kept a strong interest in humanity, how we connect with ourselves and each other. She is inspired by female agency and the understanding of emotions. With a wide knowledge of painting, fashion, and performance art, as well as currently learning compositing and animation, she is primed to enter the film industry with the goal of production designer in mind.



  • Production Designer - Far From Blue Brick - July 2023
  • Set Builder - Mood fabrication & design - 2022-2023
  • Background PerformerFlint Strong – July 2022
  • Props Stylist AssistantShelly Schnier | LCBO – July 2022
  • Mural ArtistOdeon Fitness – June 2021
  • SpeakerPainting For Women’s Rights – Amnesty International– March 2021


  • Hobnobben Film Festival
  • SWIFF Film Festival (best documentary nomination)
  • New Visions Film Festival
  • SU Film Festival

Selected Skills

  • Nuke
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Rotoscoping
  • Compositing
  • Animation

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