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At Meighan West, we are always concerned about protecting your privacy when you are using our services. We have compiled a short overview of circumstances you typically encounter when using websites and will do our best here to provide information about those happenings!

The first, and most important, part of this policy is outlining that by using this site you are accepting our Terms and Conditions for the site. If our Terms and Conditions are not agreeable to you then we recommend you not use our site. These terms are set out for both your protection and ours.

We, at Meighan West, will not share your information with any third party. Our site, hosted by, will use Cookie functions to provide you with a more personalized service while on the site but you are not obligated to have cookies enabled and must disable then on your browser if you do not want them. The only instances we will use your personal information are: a) if you explicitly ask us to or contact us directly and we need to respond or b) you have ordered items from our shop and, for the purposes of shipping your order, we will need to look at and print your address for the box or c) you request our newsletter and indicate certain preferences for what information you want to receive.

We use a third party payment provider, STRIPE SERVICES, to process your orders. Other than your address and order specifics, we do not keep any of your order information (meaning we don't keep your payment info). Please take a look at STRIPE's Privacy Policy for the specifics concerning how they collect information.

Our shop also has the capacity for you to create a login with personal information saved for orders or contributions to our Blog. We will not release or use this information. Customer accounts are for your convenience and only the information you want or choose to be shared will be shared.

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